Breathe Better When You Focus on Indoor Air Quality

5 tips to ensure your HVAC system is working at its best to keep you comfortable and healthy.

More and more research shows the powerful impact of air quality–both indoor and outdoor–on our overall health and wellness. Your HVAC system will keep you comfortable, but it can also be used to help enhance the air quality in your home.

Indoor Air Pollution

Common indoor air pollutants including pet dander, dust mites, and environmental tobacco smoke, as well as radon or carbon monoxide can all seriously impact your health. These pollutants can cause anything from headaches to fatigue and even major respiratory issues or cancer.

Protect Your Home

While adverse health effects can be attributed to pollutants like those listed above, there are several things you can do to combat the effects of air pollutants in your home.

  1. Increase Air Circulation: Consider installing ceiling fans or using portable fans throughout your home. When the weather allows, open windows to allow fresh air in.
  2. Clean Your Ducts: Dust and other particles tend to settle in traditional duct work. In fact, the average 1,500 square foot home generates 40 pounds of dust per year. Consider scheduling a duct cleaning every 1-2 years.
  3. Change Your Filters: Your HVAC filters provide a great service–pulling out pollutants and excess particles as air circulates through the system and into your home. But, a dirty filter has a hard time doing the job well. Consider changing your filters every 2-3 months–and more often if you have pets in the home or smoke.
  4. HVAC Add-Ons: Create a cleaner, fresher, and healthier environment for your family when you incorporate ventilators, UV lamps, humidifiers, or air purifiers with your HVAC system.
  5. Invest in Annual Maintenance: Regular HVAC maintenance will ensure your system is clean and running properly. Contact us today to schedule your next tune-up.
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