Spring Checklist for Your HVAC System

Be Proactive to Keep Your Home Cool All Summer

Springtime means spring cleaning, but did you know that your HVAC system needs spring cleaning as well so that it works at its peak performance? 

Before the air conditioning unit is even turned on, it is wise to be sure it is in great running condition. First, start with the outside unit and be sure plants, shrubs, trees and grass are not blocking the unit. Be sure that the wind has not sent twigs and debris into the gaps on or around the unit. Be certain that all electrical contacts are secure and refrigerant levels are correct. If the unit is unplugged or the power is off many people even vacuum the unit off. 

Going through the home and changing all air filters is very important. The filters should be changed monthly to assure that the system works at pinnacle performance. This is an ongoing expense but will be recouped in lower energy bills. 

Be sure all registers in the house allow air to flow freely through them. Furniture and draperies should not be blocking the air flow. It is a good idea to even wash the vent covers so that they are free from dust and pet hair. Bathroom fans and overhead fans should be free of grime and dust. Cleaning all of these items helps to keep the air clean for better air quality. While you are cleaning, another place where dust and grime like to hide is the refrigerator. The coils in the back of the refrigerator should also be cleaned regularly. 

Another important point is to check the condensate drain. This drain collects the moisture that stems from the coil in the air conditioner. The drainage of this water is very important. An overflow could destroy the whole unit. The hose from the drain must be in good condition, positioned securely without any cracks or breaks. 

Contact a professional HVAC company to service your air conditioning unit each spring to ensure it is running at its highest efficiency and won’t leave you hot during the summer months.

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