Building Automation System for Heating, Cooling, Lighting, and Security

A Building Automation System allows for greater control of the heating and cooling in commercial spaces. They also connect mechanical electronics and lighting systems in a building to preserve energy. The electronics include security systems, heating, cooling, lighting, and more. Building automation systems often increase safety and keep energy usage to a minimum. Customers monitor energy usage via BAS controls, which allows for real-time updates on the efficiency.

A Building Automation System controls virtually every aspect of heating, cooling, and other essential systems to improve efficiency. Because automated systems are so controllable, you can designate which areas receive more or less air based on how often the space is used. Additionally, when the building shuts down for the day, the HVAC systems turn off.

A Building Automation System allows for zoning to give greater control of the temperature. If there are areas in a commercial space where no one goes, the system doesn’t provide air to that area. Comfortable workers are more productive than uncomfortable ones, which makes temperature control vastly important. The more control business owners have over the temperature in various zones on the property, the easier it is to ensure the comfort of workers.

When business owners can lock and unlock areas of the building with one device, the security improves overall. A Building Automation System allows for security equipment to link with the system, which means the owner no longer needs to go to every door and window to lock up at closing. With connected controls, all doors lock and unlock at one time.

Having all the HVAC systems, lighting, and security on one system allows for greater control and awareness of the entire building. This helps owners monitor data on energy usage for any period of time. Trends in usage are easier to spot when the equipment is controlled by one system, so you can make more informed business decisions.

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