Furnace Cleaning Season

The cooler weather brings many joys: sweaters, football season, pumpkin spice, and most importantly, a much-needed break from the heat!  But did you know that it is important to ensure your furnace is cleaned annually, typically in early fall? Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working. Learn more about furnace cleaning season below.

Cost to Clean

 One of the biggest concerns, and possible reason for avoiding having your furnace cleaned, might be the cost. The cost to clean your furnace is low (generally somewhere in the hundred-dollar range). Note that the price of having your furnace cleaned is much, much cheaper than the cost of a brand-new furnace. Remember that you would not skip on having your car’s oil changed; please don’t skimp on your furnace, either!

Furnace Cleaning Process

Whether an oil-burning forced-air furnace, or a gas system – the steps a professional would follow are similar. In both, fuel is mixed with air and ignited, heating a sealed chamber. Fresh, filtered air then blows across the outside of the hot chamber and into the heating ducts (a home with a radiator has boilers instead of furnaces which heat water instead of air, but the annual checkup is similar.) Dangerous exhaust from the combustion chamber is vented out a flue or chimney.

Steps Breakout:

  • Step 1: Shutting down the system
  • Step 2: Cleaning the combustion chamber
  • Step 3: Inspecting the flue pipe
  • Step 4: Replacing the oil filter
  • Step 5: Changing the air filter
  • Step 6: Adjusting the burner and testing efficiency
  • Step 7: Cleaning floor vents

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