Are Your Ducts Clean?

Why is Duct Cleaning is Important

What is duct cleaning? Duct cleaning takes place when the components of the HVAC system from the top to bottom are cleaned. This includes the coils, drain pans, fan motors, housing and air ducts. Mold, moisture and dust builds up in the system and for the system to work at its highest potential cleaning is essential. It is very important to get a reputable servicer like the service technician at Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., who will do the whole system and charge you a fair price. They have special tools and vacuums to get at the troublesome areas.

Why duct cleaning is necessary? It is very important to have the air ducts cleaned regularly, but especially after new construction and following remodeling. This may sound counterproductive, but new construction or remodeling creates additional dust in the air ducts that may harbor all types of debris.

What are benefits of cleaning ducts? If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, having the air ducts cleaned may serve to help them breathe cleaner air. Cleaning the air ducts is no guarantee that you will have better health. However, they are one source of air that can serve to pollute your home. There are many pollutants that are evident in the home. Cooking, smoking, vaping, and pet dander all cause polluted air in your home.

What else can be in the ducts? Mold is one of the problems that homeowners may encounter. If this is the case the mold needs to be removed. This can happen if the insulated air ducts are allowed to remain wet for a period of time. Another problem that can occur is that rodents, insects or even snakes may get into the system. Obviously, if you have uninvited guests in the system removal is not just an option.

If you have a fuel burning heating system, it is extremely important to have the system cleaned and inspected before each new season to be certain the system is safe to run. If you see debris in the system, it is wise to have it professionally cleaned. Many people feel that it is just logical to have the system cleaned periodically. It is not necessary to have the ducts cleaned every year unless a specific problem is encountered.

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