Environmentally Friendly HVAC Alternative

Reducing Your Footprint

There are many alternatives to the traditional and sometimes outdated HVAC systems that not only make your home or building comfortable, but help to reduce the strain on the earth’s resources.

One of which is air conditioners that are actually powered by ice. This system was originally developed in California for use in office buildings. It has the capacity to lower the total energy spending for the entire building. You may wonder, how does this work? During the night a large tank filled with water is frozen. The ice is used to cool the building for up to six hours. After the 6-hour period, the regular air conditioning unit then comes in to play. This system is not available to the general public yet, but it is in the works should be available within the next few years.

Another technique that is being used is geothermal expertise. This type of technology is very efficient. The earth is the supplier for this energy. It utilizes a heat pump. The heat comes from the ground and is generated through the system. When the house needs to cool down the entire process is reversed and the warm air is pulled from the house. An added bonus to this system is the hot water that is generated through the system.

Australia has come up with a new thermally driven system of air conditioning. It is said to be very economical. No electricity is used for the system to run. Solar panels are the source of energy. This system should be available for the general public within the next ten years. Many states are offering special tax write offs for installation of solar panels which are the first steps to this type of system.

Zoning is yet another technique that has resulted from advanced technology in HVAC. The home is divided into sections or zones. Each zone is monitored so that rooms that are not being used are shut off and the energy is not being wasted trying to warm or cool on them while the occupied zones are set to a comfortable temperature. Some zones are actually divided by the floors of the house and can be closed off during different parts of the day or night.

Heating and cooling your home can be done in ways that help to protect the planet. Meet with a professional HVAC team to discuss options for your home.

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