Fall and Your Furnace

Here are 5 signs it is absolutely necessary to replace your furnace before winter weather blows into town. 

There are obvious reasons to replace your furnace (it stopped working) and then there are subtle reasons to make the investment. Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning came up with 5 reasons you should replace your furnace this fall.  

  1. The age of your furnace. On average, a furnace is expected to last 15 to 20 years. If you are in that range or exceeding it, you’re playing with fire. Rather than experience an aging furnace issue during a likely-to-come snowstorm this winter, consider the proactive approach and replace your furnace now. 
  2. Increasing energy bills. If your energy bills are on the rise lately, it’s a good time to look at your furnace and its efficiency—or lack thereof.
  3. Dust, dander, rust, or soot odors. If you ever experience these smells while your furnace is running, turn the system off and call us. Dangerous allergens can lead to respiratory illness—to protect you and your loved ones, furnace maintenance or replacement is vital. 
  4. Hot and cold rooms. If some rooms in your home are warm and others feel cold, your furnace and duct system are not getting the job done and should be replaced. 
  5. Frequent repair calls. Schneider Heating & Cooling is always happy to repair your furnace any time it needs it, but at some point, maintenance just isn’t worth it. More than a handful of visits a year from a professional is a sure sign that you need to replace your heating system. 
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