How safe is the air you breathe?

Ways to improve the air quality in your home

When is the last time you thought to yourself, “How clean is the air in my home?”  This isn’t a question many of us ask ourselves regularly, but we should.  Poor air quality in your home could result in irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, fatigue or asthma.  Long term exposure to polluted air in your home could possibly lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer.

One simple thing you can do to improve your home’s air quality is replacing air filters every 1-3 months.  That will make a difference, but contacting a professional HVAC company to clean your airducts or install an air purifying system may be necessary.

The following systems create a fresher, healthier environment in your home.

Whole House Humidifiers

Save your family and your home from the damaging effects of over-dry air. Dry nose and cracked, itchy skin. Aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms. Painful static shocks. Chipping paint and plaster. Warped or damaged wood floors, furniture, trim and molding. Sound familiar? Why go through another season with these problems when there is a solution – a Whole-Home Humidifier.  Benefits of a whole house humidifier include: reduction of airborne viruses, improves energy costs by reducing the temperature comfortably, and protects your home by reducing the humidity that could cause wood damage.  Installing a humidifier could also increases the value of your home while quietly doing it’s job.

Infinity Air Purifier

Continuing its dedication to offering healthy home solutions with advanced indoor air quality products, Carrier Corporation, introduces the most advanced indoor air quality product to ever hit the market – the new Infinity™ Air Purifier. Unlike other products that merely capture particles from the air, the Infinity Air Purifier both captures and kills airborne allergens, bacteria, molds and viruses. It combines superior filtration efficiency with pathogen-killing technology to deliver maximum air purification against airborne germs and allergens with optimal comfort for homeowners. The new product from Carrier improves indoor air quality while maintaining the efficiency, reliability and performance of Carrier’s Infinity System.

UV Light

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp reduces the amount of pollutants, such as mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses, leaving your home with cleaner, fresher indoor air.  UV technology has been tested by General Electric, Penn State University, and Harvard School of Public Health, which it has been proven that it is effective in reducing airborne pollutants.  In residential applications, the objective is to create a cost effective and continuous method of cleaning the air.  The kill rate of air pollutants is a function of space, time and the intensity of UV.  Because UV has been proven to work in a cumulative manner, the polluted air is cleaned over time and subsequent passages over the UV lamp.  Germs are constantly growing in our indoor environment and pollute the air we breathe. There is one place in our home that we can have the UV technology clean 100% of the air we breathe and that is in our HVAC system.

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