Improve your indoor air quality with an Air to Air Exchanger

Excess levels of humidity and condensation can lead to damaged windows, mold growth and even structural damage. Ultimately, poor indoor air quality can directly affect your family and your home. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution….a home ventilation system. It will maintain good indoor air quality and moisture control by continuously introducing tempered fresh air from the outside while exhausting stale, moist air to the outside.  A professional HVAC company can install an Air to Air Exchanger in your home.

How does an Air to Air Exchanger work?

The system is comprised of two fans: one fan draws the tainted air from the home, while the other supplies fresh air back into the home.  Depending on the specific unit you select to install, the functions and controls can differ.

Why would you want to install an Air to Air Exchanger?

  • Prevent moisture issues, such as rot and mild
  • Prevent damage to wood in your home
  • Reduce condensation on your windows
  • Prevent respiratory illnesses caused by polluted air
  • Increase efficiency of HVAC systems already in your home
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