Keeping It Clean

The Why and How of Cleaning Dryer Vents and Hoses

Over 3,000 homes per year catch on fire because dryer vents and hoses have become dirty and clogged.  Don’t be the next victim.  Every year your dryer vent and hoses should be inspected. It is important to always clean the lint filter in your dryer after each load of laundry. If you noticed the lint screen seems cleaner than normal or if your dryer is taking longer to dry clothes, it may be due to clogged hoses or vents. If your dryer is hot to the touch or you smell something burning it is imperative that you check your vents and hoses before continuing usage. This is indicative of a clog and can be dangerous, as the back-up of heat could cause a fire.

How to clean a dryer vent.

  • Start by cleaning out the lint screen in your dryer. This should be done after each load of laundry is dried.
  • Unplug your dryer and move it away from the wall. The vent hose for the dryer is found on the back side of the unit.
  • Remove the vent hose. The tube runs from the wall to the dryer. You will need to remove the nails or screws to get the tube off the wall, be prepared with the proper screwdriver.
  • Vacuum out the vent or use a brush to clean out the debris.
  • Replace the tube back on the wall and move the dryerback in place.
  • Clear the exterior vent cover and remove any built-up debris.

Sometimes it will be impossible to clean out your dryer vent and hoses effectively without professional help. You may not be able to reach the dryer vents, reach the length of the hose, or the dryer is too heavy to move. When this happens, you can call your friendly technicians at Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. It is also good practice to have your hoses and vents cleaned and inspected routinely to prevent mishaps and ensure your dryer works efficiently. Keeping your dryer vents and hoses clean can help to decrease your energy bill and keep your family safe!

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