Zone Control System and Your Home

The Ins and Outs of Zones in your Home

A zone control system is a part of a HVAC unit. With zones you can control certain areas, or zones, in your home. Zones can be broken up by rooms or by floor. By controlling where the heat or cool air comes into you can save money while staying comfortable. Rooms that don’t need to be heated or cooled can be turned off. To turn off rooms or floors, dampers are placed in the ductwork; this helps to adjust the heating or cooling in specific areas. If you would prefer your unit to be ductless, room by room units with thermometers built in to them come with a remote control to regulate the temperature to your specific preference.

The professionals at Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you set up your zone control system in your home or commercial building. You will be able to design what rooms, areas or floors are located in each of your zones. Each zone can have different settings. If someone prefers to sleep in a cooler room, that room can be set to a lower setting, but the living room can be set higher. This setting can make a large difference in your heating or cooling bills as some rooms use less energy.

Zone control system upgrades are the best way to control an HVAC unit. It may be an investment up front, but ultimately a zone control system will save you money. Also, by using zone control your HVAC system will last longer and will operate more efficiently because the system won’t have to work as hard on heating or cooling your entire home all the time. Zone control systems are very wise to have in large buildings that are used only certain times of the day. The areas that are not being used can adjusted depending on the time of year. This can save a company money over the entire year. 

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