AC Maintenance to Help You Keep Cool This Summer

The heat of the summer is just around the corner and we want to help ensure your air conditioner is ready to get to work.

Spring has sprung and summer is coming in hot—literally and figuratively! A well-functioning air conditioner or air conditioning unit will make those impending warm, humid days feel more manageable. Is your AC unit up to par for the coming summer season?


Here are 3 tips for checking over your air conditioning system:

  • As a homeowner, investigate the outward features—like the connectors, controls, and starters—of your AC unit. Look for anything that is loose, rusted, or missing.
  • If you turn on your system but it isn’t cooling, you can troubleshoot by checking fuses and the circuit breaker.
  • Check out the drain line and ensure it is clear—look for dust, algae, or other debris that can plug up the line.


If during your AC check something is loose or not working, your best bet is to call a professional, rather than attempting to fix the problem on your own. Your air conditioner is a powerful machine—and it requires a knowledgeable head and knowing hand to fix it right.


The best way to ensure your AC unit is ready to put in the hard work needed to keep your home cool every summer is to schedule a system check-up. A professional technician, like someone from the Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning team, will inspect all aspects of the system and complete any necessary cleaning or repairs. If you do not have an air conditioner or are in need of an upgrade, we are happy to source and install a new system for you.


Save yourself the headache each spring and schedule annual AC maintenance with the Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning Goldstar Maintenance plan. Sign up today to reduce equipment breakdowns and ensure your system is primed for the weather ahead. From lubricating the motor so that it continues to work properly, to checking the condenser coils that remove heat from the refrigerant, to assessing the refrigerant itself, an annual maintenance appointment will prolong the life of your system.


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